There are lots of sourcing companies. Why CEDARS?

➢ Do business with integrity

➢ Complete sourcing process

➢ Cedars supplier network: 200+ wholesalers, 300+ factories

➢ Intelligence data support

➢ 14+ years of experience in sourcing operations

➢ Expertise employees with 16 years average experience

➢ Strictly comply with SGS ISO 9001 quality management

Cedars process control

General Principle

Wholesale: Buyer-Seller Relationship

Sourcing Agent: On behalf of customer's interest;  100% transparent communication process and cost.

Section Main Work Wholesale Sourcing
Key Points
Demand Evaluation Communicate and comfirm demand details * Specification parameters, quantity, target price, drawings, etc
Demand Matching Cedars Supplier Network (200+ wholesalers, 300+ factories) * Supplier source: industry database,  exhibitions
* Supplier selection criteria: ISO 9001 certification; Similar in value.
Develop new suppliers
-Potential supplier list
-On-site evaluation
-Supplier recommendation
Supplier Management New supplier questionnaire; Qualification verification * Verify the qualification through government, websites, social media, experts etc.
* Audit according to product & service quality, price competitiveness, on-time delivery etc.
* Three-tier supplier (A: Preferable; B: Qualified; C: Alternative)
Regular visit
Annual audit
Annual satisfaction survey
Commercial Negotiation Confirm quotation * Optimize prices through domestic and foreign e-commerce platforms
* Win-win-win strategy in negotiation process
Sign sourcing agent agreement & confidentiality agreement.
Sign contract (packing/warranty/other terms)
Fee Agent fee (fixed rate)
Bussiness trip expenses (if applicable)
Order Processing Confirm samples (if applicable) * Reserve sample comparison
* Delivery control
Collect goods
Regular feedback
Production process monitoring (if applicable)
QC Ensure product are supplied according to the contract. (Same with samples) * Lable, packing, photographing
* Avoid infringement
Inspect accoding to Cedars standards/customer's requirements
Inspection report
Logistics Forwarder development * Optimize freight & time
* Video recording of CLS
* Reweigh after loading
Container Loading Supervision (CLS)
Warranty 12 Months warranty for original parts; 6 months for aftermarket parts. Subject to "Cedars Warranty Policy"
120% FOB compensation
Supplier provides warranty
Cedars assists in communication with suppliers
Cedars shares losses under specific circumstances
Aftersales Service 24 hours reply
0.1% FOB compensation for delay per day
5 working days for claim
Assist in communication with suppliers


Founded in 2007, Cedars has been specialized in auto parts sourcing services including Hyundai & Kia parts, Ford Transit parts, spare parts for Chery, Geely, Lifan, Great Wall etc., for customers from more than 60 countries.

Sourcing Agent

With 14+ years of experience in the sourcing business, local market knowledge and possession of an extensive network of suppliers in China, we can help you choose proper suppliers, negotiate prices, prepare and process paperwork, conduct quality inspection, arrange international shipping and logistics, and provide any final assistance required as your shipment arrives. Every step of the entire process is totally transparency.

  • Sourcing Agent
  • Sourcing Agent
  • Sourcing Agent
  • Sourcing Agent
  • Sourcing Agent

Added Value Service

Equipment Import
RORO Shipping
Equipment Import

CEDARS has a proven track record of importing/exporting automotive assembly lines and other large equipment.

Crankshaft Assembly Line

Cylinder Head Assembly Line

RORO Shipping

Cedars is able to offer better RORO rate to our clients by combining different custom volumes together.

In some cases, the freight savings that Cedars achieved for its clients mean 1%-2% of FOB reduction.

Cedars will take only 30% of the freight savings as comission for the first year.

For example, suppose the client is paying USD1,000,000 freight annually, if the new freight Cedars obtains for the client is USD900,000 annually, the commission for Cedars will be only USD30,000 (or 30% of the first year freight savings).

RORO Shipping


7 Reasons to Choose Cedars PDI (Pre-Delivery Inspection)?

● Avoid problematic cars from supplier;
● Waste no money to correct new cars when arriving;
● Help to develop a better control system for supplier;
● Saving cost of sending busy people to travel to  China just for inspection;
● Better communication between the Chinese in  Chinese time zone;
● ISO9001 certified;
● 8 years in automobile business;
Fair terms (*)
PDI report will be sent daily;
300% penalty (cost per car) will be applied for mistakes
* (In case that PDI report is different from actual vehicle; The penalty amount could not exceed the total amount of each shipment)
* After date on board

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